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Or maybe you hope to learn if they are married? He is best known for his role as Carl Gallagher in the English series Shameless, broadcast from to on Channel 4. He has a twin brother Luke Tittensor, also an actor, with whom he plays in the Brookside series and in the first season of the Shameless series.

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The first episode of the long-running soap opera debuted on October 16th, and until it was known as Emmerdale Farm. The ITV Yorkshire production included an endless amount of actors who were cast and then left the show just to return a few years later. Some actors stayed for a considerably long time, some characters were replaced by different stars over the years and others have had small performances that left long lasting impressions.

Patsy Kensit — Then The sizzling year-old started her acting days as a child star. Apart from acting, Kensit pursued a career in singing, and she was the lead singer of a group named, Eight Wonder back in the eighties, between and When she joined the cast of Emmerdale in , she played the role of Sadie King, the wealthy, snobbish blonde with the blings who brought a whole lot of drama to the storylines, from a very ugly split from her on-screen husband, Jimmy, to her endless love affairs.

One of the reasons for leaving the show was because she found it hard to commute to Yorkshire where the filming was taking place. The actress has tied the know just to later get a divorce four times in her life. These days she is part of the cast of Tina and Bobby, a three-part series that follows the relationship between Tina Dean and her footballer hubby, West Ham United player, Bobby Moore.

He is considered the actor who has been the longest time on the show.

Natal Date: 11/3/1989

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Early life. He was born in Heywood, Greater Manchester, and is the twin brother of Luke Tittensor, with whom he starred in Brookside and the first series of Shameless. [citation needed]Career. In , Elliott and his twin brother Luke had a brief appearance in Brookside as Terry Gibson’s twin sons.. In , Elliott and his brother Luke were cast in the shared role of Carl Gallagher in comedy.

Aunts and uncles Iris Gallagher Liam Gallagher born 26 January is the second youngest of the Gallagher children and is a minor character until series 5, when he takes a more central role in the main storylines. He apparently suffered from epileptic fits when he was smaller. He also used to wet the bed, though he claims that it was only to help put out the fires he had a likeness for starting, as seen during his pyomania phase in series match-boxes and lighter-fluid was routinely found under his mattress by Carl and Ian.

Throughout the series, Liam is practically raised by his older sisters, Fiona and Debbie, as Frank is lazy and Monica inept- when she is around. In later episodes, Liam shows considerable intelligence and resourcefulness like sister Debbie and is also an outspoken atheist. In series 5, signs of genius in Liam became obvious when he was shown to be an adept car thief, and was seen later to use a defibrillator on a comotose Frank when it was thought that his heart had stopped.

In series 6, it is revealed that Liam is a talented musician, and also fluent in Sign Language. Given his academic performance, the school determines Liam to be an exceptionally gifted pupil, which leads to him being awarded a special scholarship.

Darren Eden

Meet the Belle of the ball Eden Taylor Draper How does a nine-year-old soap star from Selby manage to keep her feet on the ground? Whether she’s on the way to the supermarket in Selby with her mum, Niki, or in Ibiza on a family holiday, it’s always the same. All pretty much par for the course for your average soap star. Except that there is nothing average about Eden. She may have just picked up her second major TV gong in two years – best performance by a young actor or actress at the British Soap Awards, to be screened on ITV tonight, for her role as Belle Dingle in Yorkshire soap Emmerdale.

Mimi plans an elaborate scam for the school inspector’s visit: she gets the Chatsworth residents to pose as teachers. They do a great job at acting and at finding a solution to one of .

Storylines Edit Daz was initially a bit of a troublemaker as he had a history of stealing cars but tried to make amends with community service. Unfortunately things didn’t go according to plan. Robert and Katie, however, convinced Andy that Daz was telling lies, resulting in Andy being persuaded to put Daz into care. All hell broke loose when Katie and Robert confessed to their affair. They moved in together and Andy was ostracised by the Sugdens for accidentally shooting Jack when it was Robert he wanted to shoot.

Andy visited Daz in care.

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Elliott Tittensor

Early life[ edit ] He was born in Heywood, Greater Manchester , and is the twin brother of Luke Tittensor , with whom he starred in Brookside and the first series of Shameless. In , Elliott and his brother Luke were cast in the shared role of Carl Gallagher in comedy drama Shameless. Elliott took over the role entirely when Luke left the show to become a regular on soap drama Emmerdale , playing Daz Eden.

Though in hindsight it shouldn’t be that surprising. Naomily as a couple almost certainly qualify for this. The ship is so popular that there’s a whole book being written about it. JJ is also popular to some extent due to his lovable Adorkable nature and kindness. And from the first generation, Cassie and Maxxie, with the latter’s absence from the US remake sending raging shockwaves throughout the fandom. Michelle was this in the American version, with many fans preferring her to the original Michelle.

Despite not being well liked to start with, Mini has become one of the most popular characters from Gen 3. Josh also gets this in some corners, in spite or perhaps because of his dark streak. The reason David Blood is still well-liked in some circles despite possessing about as many redeeming qualities as Mad Twatter. It’s a not a good idea to mention Skins Fire to anyone. The UK version remains widely adored as a ground-breaking teenage drama and always keeps adding to its massive cult following while the US remake is now largely forgotten, the latter of which struggled with an already vocal Hatedom from fans of the original show to major Moral Guardian controversy over its racier scenes and subject matter, plus generally unenthused stateside reviews and lukewarm fan support.

The Cast of Emmerdale – Then & Now

Carl Gallagher[1] born 18 January is a fictional character from the Channel 4 drama Shameless, he is the fourth oldest Gallagher sibling. Initially he played only a minor role in the show, but since series two has been featured just as much as the other Gallagher children. In the first series, Carl was jointly played by Tittensor’s twin brother Luke Tittensor, but since the second series he has played the role alone. In series 3, Carl briefly worked for the Maguires by growing marijuana for them in his loft, until the police found out about the production.

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Is there a fanclub for acting twins Luke Tittensor (Emmerdale) and Elliot Tittensor (Shameless)?

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Andy, however, initially refused to believe they were related as he hated his biological father Billy Hopwood David Crellin. He only believed Daz’s story when Billy confirmed it. During his time on show, the character has developed and grown up, dividing his time between Butler’s Farm and the village. Storylines[ edit ] Daz was initially a troublemaker as he had a history of stealing cars but tried to make amends with community service.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. Katie used this to her advantage when she threatened Daz that if he told Andy about her affair with Robert, she would make sure that he went back into care. Daz ignored her and told Andy regardless so Katie carried out her threat after persuading Andy that Daz was lying. However, after learning the truth when Katie left Andy for Robert, he visited Daz and persuaded him to return to the farm.

Daz got involved in Cain’s schemes but a more serious problem was soon discovered. Andy and Debbie were having a relationship but kept it secret. When Cain found out, he told Andy to end the relationship or he would lead Daz astray. Wanting to protect Daz, Andy ended his relationship with Debbie, unaware that she was pregnant. Daz discovered Debbie’s secret, weeks before the baby was due to be born.

He offered to stand by Debbie and Sarah but Debbie said no so Daz settled for being friends.


Initially he played only a minor role in the show as the sadistic sibling, but since series two has been featured just as much as the other Gallagher children since murdering Lillian Tyler’s husband with the gun he found from the shoot-out a few episodes back in the finale. In the first series, Carl was jointly played by Tittensor’s twin brother Luke Tittensor , but since the second series he has played the role alone. In series 3, Carl briefly worked for the Maguires by growing marijuana for them in his loft, until the police found out about the production.

Carl was briefly taken into custody, and gave a statement that the marijuana was grown for the household’s own personal use. But after a tip was given to the police about Mandy Maguire selling weed, her mother Mimi suspected that Carl betrayed them and sent her sons Donny and Shane after him.

Luke Pasqualino Laidback Freddie was the cool dude of Skins series three and four and was played by chiselled actor Luke Pasqualino. But now it has come time for the wild partying and promiscuous sex to come to an end, as the seventh and final series is due to start. With three stand-alone specials, the show returns for one final hurrah from Monday, July 1.

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Luke Tittensor – Shirtless + Thong – Emmerdale

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