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Shopping Bag Mac Basics: Connecting your Mac to the Internet There are several ways to get connected to the Internet so that you can browse the web, download updates, or play online games. Getting Connected How you connect to the Internet depends on where you are. For example, your work may offer an ethernet connection for your computer. Look for a port on your Mac labeled with this symbol: See the next section for information on connecting your Mac using Wi-Fi. If you don’t already have a wireless network, you can use an AirPort base station to create one. In turn, the base station creates a Wi-Fi wireless connection to the Internet.

How to Sync Calendars with Your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud

But the scam isn’t over. One of the new scam sites is currently catching anti-phishing filters in some browsers, but not others. For example, as of this writing Firefox does not alert visitors of a phishing attempt to one of the malicious sites:

It’s kind of handy when your phone is connected via wireless to your computer. Here is a guide that let’s you connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to your Mac without having to use any Wifi Router, the connection will be direct, also called AdHoc Wifi connection.

This guide will also show you how to get the lights working with HomeKit so you can adjust them from Control Center and through Siri. Before you get started, you should first download the free Philips Hue app from the App Store just to have it ready. Now, hook up your Philips Hue Bridge to your Internet router. You need to do this with the included Ethernet cable, and you also need to plug the Bridge into the wall with the power cable.

Ensure the Bridge is fully connected to power and Wi-Fi via your router, then tap Search so the app can find it. You can optionally type in the IP address instead if you know it. Once the Bridge is linked to the app, the light bulbs themselves are the final step. Back in the app, follow a similar process to linking the Bridge by tapping Search, this time to find the lights. Instead, I had to manually enter the serial number on some bulbs and then it worked.

To err on the side of caution, make sure you jot down the serial number for every bulb before screwing them in to hard-to-reach fixtures. Otherwise, Home should automatically list the lights you added in the Hue app and put them in you Favorites. From here, either tap and hold or 3D Touch an accessory to view your brightness and color options.

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How to disconnect iPhone from Macbook? Guest I synced my iPhone with my mom’s laptop a while ago, and now I get her photos and she gets my photos all through photostream. She also gets my reminders, calendar updates, and sometimes, even my text messages. How do I stop this from happening? Frank You need to set up a different user login on your mom’s laptop.

That should keep it separate from your mom.

Connect your iPhone to Mac. iPhoto will automatically open up with your iPhone device videos and images listed If you want to import all iPhone photos, click “Import All” button. To import selected images from your iPhone, click the “Import Selected” button.

I no longer have to wait for Shrink to be updated. Can try other resolutions … x is also very nice but the settings page does not rotate. Use themes with smaller sized icons and its really perfect now. Make sure to install ForceGoodFit to fix apps like safari. Zachary Lee Parrish Are you having issues with opening apps with a black screen before it opens? Bulletproofx Nope… everything is running seemlessly and fluidly as expected.

5 ways to connect your computer to your stereo

The iPhone is a powerful handheld device that enables you to view, edit and play many of the files you’d normally see on a computer. You can take photographs, watch videos, play music and create business documents right from the palm of your hand. But although even the iPhone X has its gorgeous 5. Apple has a technology called AirPlay that enables you to do just this.

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Start Download people have downloaded it From the above introduction we can know that dr. Now, let’s check the 3 method: Run the program and connect your iPhone Run the program on your computer after downloading and installing it, and then connect your iPhone to the computer. When your device is recognized, just click on “Recover” the main window of the program. This will save you time for scanning.

If you want to check all contents on your iPhone at the same time, you can choose to check the items all. Then click “Start Scan” to begin. Scan and view iPhone messages on PC for free When the scan finishes, a scan result as follows will appear. You can preview all data in it. Choose messages and you can view the items one by one. Check the items you want and click “Recover to Computer”.

You can save them on your computer.

How to pair your AirPods with iPhone, Watch, iPad, and Mac

Bubbles show you where you have visited. Cult of Mac Your iPhone knows where you are, and it remembers where you have been. This data is kept on your phone, not collected by Apple.

If you bought an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus only to find it doesn’t connect to your AT&T MicroCell, you aren’t alone. There’s a fix for that, but it takes a few steps.

But what if you have an iPhone and Windows PC? Thankfully, you still have options for making them work together. Head to the LonelyScreen download page. The software should install in seconds. Check the box to allow access through Private networks like your home. You can click the LonelyScreen text to change the name of your AirPlay server if you like. We’ll show you how. You should see a Screen Mirroring shortcut among the buttons.

If everything went right so far, you should see your LonelyScreen server in the list. Tap it to start mirroring your screen to your PC. You may want to maximize the window for a better view. However, it does let you create screen recordings with a built-in tool. Click the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the window, then click the red Record button to start recording.

Make sure you have LonelyScreen open.

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Taking advantage of Bluetooth can help you keep your business affairs organized without the hassle of wires and also can enable your Mac to access the Internet anywhere a cellular connection is available. For best results, you need to be within a few feet of the device to connect. Tap the “Settings” app on your iPhone and then tap the “General” option.

Tap the “Bluetooth” menu and then turn the slider to “On. Click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar on your Mac. Select the iPhone you want to pair with under the Devices section.

Hold Apple Watch up to your iPhone’s camera so the screen is in alignment with the yellow outlined box on your iPhone’s screen Follow the on-screen instructions provided in the Apple Watch app.

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How to Connect a MacBook to a VGA Projector

Get your new iPhone set up the right way. However, while you might find yourself on familiar ground, there are still plenty of little things you really ought to do before you fire up your new phone for the first time or pretty soon thereafter. Restoring from a backup of your old iPhone Manual iCloud backups are easy.

The steps in this article are specifically meant to teach you how to use Bluetooth to connect your iPhone and your 10MDR10RBT headphones. The headphones should have also come with a cable that you can use instead to connect them to the headphone jack on the bottom of the iPhone, if you prefer that option instead.

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Most still require charging, and some have audio passthrough and built in speakers. Which MFi Controller is Best? We took three of the best, and put each to the test. While the Gamevice was small and portable, its analogue sticks were poor. The SteelSeries Nimbus felt like the best controller of the bunch, but it had no grip for iPhone users. None of them seem as well put together as the SteelSeries Nimbus though.

Sync the OneNote notebooks on your Mac or PC with your iPad or iPhone

If you can’t sign in to your email client, you might see one of these errors: Try these troubleshooting steps Update your email client to the latest version. Use an App Password:

Mobile Mouse is the ultimate Remote & Trackpad for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android.

He had his iPhone for just about two years. He took tons of pictures of her. His pictures were lost. He was eventually able to recover his photos, but not without hours of work and days of anxiety. Always back up your photos. Always back up your photos! How to back up your photos to your desktop If you use a Mac, my best suggestion is to use the free Photos app that come with OS X for your desktop or laptop. Photos is a replacement to iPhoto, which is not supported by Apple anymore.

If you consider yourself a pretty good amateur photographer, you will find Lightroom to be a well-rounded feature-heavy photo application for your Mac. Now, your images are officially saved to your computer and you can delete them.

iOS 6 tutorial: Connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC

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