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Basically ever since the Ancient Greeks began sharing oral histories of the sexual exploits of Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon et al. Below, we look at ten of our favorite recent-ish hook-up rumors about celebrities that include everything from butt stuff and barking to Greco-Roman wrestling and toe-sucking. One was an anecdote about the singer’s foiled attempts to piss on a woman he brought home who immediately left crying ; the other had Mayer whispering to a self-proclaimed super fan “Left me see your fucking butthole. DMX’s answering machine is legendary According to a Redditor aptly named BobDolesPotato , he obtained rap legend DMX’s phone number from a friend of his roommate’s mom who slept with him — and his answering message was just him barking!!! Let’s just hope his bark’s worse than his bite. X gon’ give it to you, huh. However, we’d like to believe mollym00n’s story is also true, as she claims one of her friends slept with Justin In his alleged Cruise encounter , the star donned a body suit, and had a wrestling mat that the two promptly used to engage in some Greco-Roman power moves according to Barresi, they would later engage in some heavy butt play and masturbation.

Top 10 Hollywood Hookups and Breakups for 2012

Basically ever since the Ancient Greeks began sharing oral histories of the sexual exploits of Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon et al. Below, we look at ten of our favorite recent-ish hook-up rumors about celebrities that include everything from butt stuff and barking to Greco-Roman wrestling and toe-sucking. One was an anecdote about the singer’s foiled attempts to piss on a woman he brought home who immediately left crying ; the other had Mayer whispering to a self-proclaimed super fan “Left me see your fucking butthole.

Hollywood Hookup in the Mountains by Moutain Man. What’s your gender? Man How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 0. Hollywood Hook-up in the Mountains. He was a B-class Hollywood producer – how very SoCal (I’m from Virginia originally). He was the only one that showed up for the hike and I’m pretty sure he made.

Mael99 Closeted transvestite does not equal gay. He was a true psychopath. Darby None of you know anything about J. Actually it says more about your own personal fantasies than anything else. They even do it with their wives and have sex lives that involve no one but their wives letting them dress up and have sex. Even if you were one, though, you still would not speak for all of them, FrisianJute A man that gets aroused seeing himself dressed like a poor example of a woman is gay, gay curious at best buddy.

Sorry, nice try though. Bjorn A Vulvan Sorry but you are wrong. A great many transvestites abhor the homosexual lifestyle. Especially the left, who supposedly respect all lifestyles , love to ruin good Americans with claims of homosexuality, so I find it hard to believe they really, actually accept its propriety! Triggerman Exactly, what is the proof for J.

Edgar Hoover being homosexual or a transvestite?

Hollywood Hookups and Breakups

Bedding a Hollywood hottie is a no-shot-in-hell dream for most women. But thanks to a chance meeting at a club or a casual encounter at a red-carpet event, some regular babes have lived out their fantasies with Tinseltown’s sexiest male stars. Listen in as these secret sources dish the good, the bad, and the bizarre booty behavior that went down. We don’t reveal the celebs’ names, but that doesn’t mean you can’t guess! Advertisement – Continue Reading Below “I was waitressing at a bar in Santa Monica, and one night, this gorgeous actor came in with his buddies.

He started hitting on me right away.

As dubiously-true hookup stories go, this one about Harry Styles is, well, rather charming. In a story that reads straight from pre-teen fanfic, Redditor scaredoffangirls says she met the One Direction stud at a NYC cupcake shop (of course) and that they started flirting when she “tipped him off that the red velvet cupcakes were the best of the.

Here are the most famous or most believable I’ve heard. I’m making no claims about the sexual orientation of any of these celebrities except 1 and Some of the stories are probably exaggerations, a non-romantic lunch becoming a romantic date, a casual meeting becoming a vigorous all-night orgy. Some are probably pure inventions. My boyfriend Lane hooked up with him in the early s.

The biographical details check out. Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy. Cesar Romero claimed that they had a long-term “friend with benefits relationship. Marcus, the first person I met in West Hollywood, said that they met on the set of Hollywood Squares, and hooked up in a hotel in Beverly Hills. Marcus was in the industry, and introduced me to several celebrities, including Michael J.

Fox and Robin Williams, but there’s no evidence that Tony Randall was gay.

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For Katy Perry and Russell Brand , their union didn’t even make it into the new year. Brand filed for divorce last week, saying, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends. There’s no way they can stay together. Virtually newlyweds — they married in October — Perry and Brand are the first Hollywood couple casualty of the new year.

Whether it was their hookup trying to lick their armpits or trying to impersonate Willy Wonka, these women’s craziest sex stories will make you feel infinitely better about your own mishaps in the.

I enjoyed the bejesus-juice out of writing that, since it allowed my twin loves of movies and writing about, well, nothing to shine through. But you can’t write about actors, and not expect a companion piece about actresses to follow at some point, right? But hang on a mo’. I thought about it even back then, and realised I just can’t cough up another Top 10 list about elegant Hollywood actresses of the studio era. My readers will roll their eyeballs at me like a row of Marty Feldmans, and snicker, “There goes that Vic again.

Always with the elegance. So, I thought and thought, and thought, then realised I should maybe tie this in with Valentine’s Day: That most traditional of days when love, heady love, is in the air, everywhere I look around, love is in the air, every sight and every sound, the Love Boat exciting and new! Erm, sorry, where were we again? Valentine’s Day, 14 February So on this wonderful day devoted to love, I offer you something a little different.

For the opposite of love is lust, and you can’t have lust without a good slut. A good, old-fashioned, heart of gold, can teach you a trick or two, been around the block and back , get yourself checked for crabs, two-fer Sundays, Heidi Fleiss List slut.

22 Rumors, Orgies, And Relationships From The Golden Age Of Gay Hollywood

Who went out with who at one point in time? Check out our list of weird celebrity couples! Some witnesses said she arrived somewhere around midnight and left at 4 a.

Johnny Bananas dishes on his hookup with Angela on ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ and reveals why it wasn’t just for strategy. Hollywood Life Logo Image. Hollywood Life. Today’s Top Stories.

Of course you do. It was likely equal parts traumatizing, thrilling and sweat inducing. It might have been where you arranged your first 3-D date with an online friend, or where you met the girls who later became your lesbian posse. When gay marriage passed in New York, every queer I know ran to gather and celebrate in the streets outside The Stonewall Inn, site of the eponymous riots that launched a new era of gay rights activism.

Why does so much of our culture take place in or around gay bars? Slate launched a six-part series last week examining the history, competition, implications and future of gay bar culture in our lives. Meetup offers countless opportunities to connect with gays right in your city — looking for a group of lezzies to see the final Harry Potter with Friday night? Our need for community can be met by interaction with feeds and comment streams, and our desire for niche information can be satisfied by RSS readers and email newsletters.

If I can do all this in the comfort of my own home while drinking at liquor-store prices and munching on my favorite foods instead of pretzels, the satanic snack served by every saloon in America—including gay bars , why on earth would I go to a bar?

“Public Sluts 5”

Bowers was most active — were just that: At the same time, a lot of what Mr. Bowers has to say is pretty shocking. Tyrnauer, who recently completed a deal to make a documentary about Mr. Bowers outlines under wraps.

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Around this same time, my best friend started dating an actor whose career was on the rise. He and his friends would have parties up in the Hollywood Hills. There are always C-listers in attendance. Sometimes reality TV stars pop us at these parties. No one is technically famous, but deep down everyone is happy to be at a party with C-listers and reality stars.

It was at one of these parties that I spotted my hot crush Charlie. Charlie was smoking on the patio. Not really a smoker, I knew bumming a cigarette was the easiest way to talk to him. Charlie was sexy in real life, but upon getting a closer look, I realized I liked him better when a wardrobe department was dressing him. Even in a horror flick where he was trapped in a house for days, he looked more presentable than he was standing in front of me.

There is scruffy and then there is borderline homeless. He looked borderline homeless. But still, he was Charlie, my crush! And he was three feet away from me.

Hollywood Fixer Opens His Little Black Book

Most of these don’t end well. Mar 2, Getty Images Hooking up with your coworker can end one of two ways: Don’t be that second person. We always flirted and there was serious sexual tension. One summer, I went over to his house, and we swam in his pond, and next thing I know, we were naked having hot sex. Afterward, we both agreed to keep it a secret.

Hollywood’s a shady place sometimes. Artists, craftsman, politicians, and businessmen from all over the world converge on Los Angeles, California, ready to do battle over the almighty dollar. Hollywood’s history is a story of backroom deals and secret affairs as tantalizing .

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, ‘Black Swan’ Fox Searchlight Pictures Sure, the ballerinas’ tryst might have been a psychologically induced dream, but it still haunts our dreams. In the best way. Read on for more hot and horrifying sex scenes in cinema! So when the adulterous pair finally get it on for the first time in Brad’s basement laundry room — while their respective kids nap upstairs — the audience felt just as turned on, relieved, and guilt-wracked well, Brad, anyway as they did. Acting as female Viagra since Eminem and Brittany Murphy, ‘8 Mile’ Universal via Everett Collection You’re gonna lose yourself in this moment and never want to let it go.

The couple’s bathroom tryst. If only we could bottle all that heat into a snow globe. Now we know why Clint Eastwood was so infatuated with furniture. Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello, ‘A History of Violence’ New Line via Everett Collection When compared to Tom Mortensen and Edie’s Bello romantic romp at the beginning of the film, the married couple’s rough romp — following the revelation that Tom is less a restaurant owner and more a cold-blooded gangster — was indeed horrifying.

But when compared to other movie scenes that take place on stairs… yes, it was very hot.

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